NEW ALBUM - DORMI, A MATRI. Ninne nel Mediterraneo

Lullabies in the Mediterranean sea

Lullabies in the Mediterranean sea


Ninne nel Mediterraneo – Lullabies in the Mediterranean

In the songs from the Oral Tradition are hidden and handed down some secrets about the meaning of life.

Women represent a special fragment of human society, where private and public matter melt up in a unique way: they are asked to ensure their kids survival and growth and development, as actors of the future world. And they are skilled at this role, thanks to ancestral knowledge, which passes, among other ways, through songs and singing.

Lullabies are at the top of female repertoire, cultural universal, given to motherhood as magic formula to calm down and ensure quiet.

Lullaby is the song of intimacy, nearness and privacy, remaining in the close relationship between mother and daughter/son.

This project aims to investigate, testify and hand down this repertoire, which can be enpowering and enriching for the whole community, without difference of age or nationality, being as a treasure chest which never empties but always fills up more and more.